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Mission To empower communities to engage in cultural relationships with the natural world as a means of sustaining efforts of environmental protection and restoration.

Created by the community, for the community ...

Foregoing the Procession in 2022.

Fine Companions of the Procession ~

It is always a pleasure to hear when friends and neighbors still hold the kindness and intention of the Procession upon their horizons.

And there is a horizon. And that horizon is 2023.

We are still in a pandemic. And as our communications with Thurston County Health have brought to the fore: we are only in the early stages of the present recovery; a recovery that will require a resilience on behalf of all the community, perhaps well into summer, in order to assure its success.

As you are most likely aware, there are many schools, businesses, and organizations that are doing their best just to tread water as they watch to see how things unfold. And while there will not be a Procession for us to focus on this year, it appears that many of you are in good health and well energized to make a contribution elsewhere. And we are certainly encouraging people to take on the effort of doing so. There is always a need for more pandemic-related help at the Food Bank and perhaps the same is true for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Family Support Center, and Senior Services among others. And there are still trees to be planted and beach trash to be picked up. Maybe some of you could even pool your resources and get involved in building a tiny house. What's promising is that everything the Procession stands for, and everything the Procession strives for, can still be accomplished without the actual Procession. So if you are up for it, definitely go for it!

With the finest of considerations,
-Eli Sterling

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The Procession of the Species Celebration: Creating cultural connections between communites and the natural world!

With minimal public funding we are dependant on your generous donations. If you would like to send a donation please address your check to Earthbound Productions and mail it to: P.O. Box 7192, Olympia 98507.

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